Before you call...

I am here the posted hours unless I am dead.

11-6 Tuesday through Saturday

12-5 on Sunday


(818) 609-0113

Only call during business hours or I don't get the call just so you know. Yes, some people still use land lines :)



Thus, no sending of pictures etc. I have to go home to do that. I have my reasons, they are very good reasons.

I do not own a cell phone, I won't bore you with why so the above still applies.

Please check your messages I give you when I call to make things move faster.

E-mail (The best way for lots of questions, I should take a day to get back to you however as I only check my e-mail a few times a week)

I have way too much stuff, as a consequence I no longer accept trades of any kind, and for years now


I work with a couple charities donating my time and buying them parts to get bikes to those in need, they get a lot that they don't have the time to fix or are too beat up looking, these wind up in my hands. I have a lot, more than I will need in the foreseeable future. I do not buy parts, or buy bikes. Craigslist is your homie...

I cannot give pricing over the phone, diagnose your problem over the phone nor know when I will or will not be busy when you call or when you get there.

List of Services

My pricing is about 1/2 of everywhere else.

I am at least twice as fast as everywhere else. I'm not bragging, this is what others tell me.

While I'm still learning to be better but I guess I do solid work, I do care after all. :)

However I am one person and I'd rather have tools in my hand, making repairs, than have a phone in my hand talking about how long something may take. One's schedule and my day will not dovetail together, it is a very reasonable expectation that I'll need time to do my tasks and be left alone long enough to do them. I cannot as the nature of what I do, run my business like a Mc Donald's drive through. I do not give preferential treatment to anyone for any reason at any time, everyone must wait their turn, repairs being done on a strict first-come-first-serve basis. This is the most fair system I as one person can employ, understanding this is paramount in not cultivating disappointment when needing repair work done.

I put this here to bring expectations to a reasonable level. To make your experience and mine better, more efficient, understanding thus you will come away more satisfied and me perhaps, a little less stressed out.